” Pag-pag” at Café de Flore

Café de Flore, 172 Boulevard Saint Germaine, 75006 Paris, France


In the Philippines, after visiting the cemetery or attending a wake, it is customary not to go home straight away but to stop by another place. It could be a restaurant, the movies or grocery as a middle-place to “shake off” any negative vibes or leave any spirits that may have come with you from the cemetery. Funny, I know, but older folks superstitiously believe that if you do not do so, these spirits will go home with you and may create some misfortune or bad luck due to their restless spirits.

I am not leaving anything to chance so we headed to Café de Flore to do our “pag-pag”. What do you exactly do during a “pag-pag”? Are there special rituals that need to be performed? Nothing special really. You just go somewhere to change and increase your
energy frequency from a sad energy you get from a wake or cemetery to a more neutral and positive one. A sort of re-entry to everyday life. And that is exactly what we did at Café de Flore .

I chose Café de Flore because it is not every day you can do “pag-pag” in a famous café frequented by the literary, art and intellectual elites of the French era gone past like Ernest Hemingway, Picasso and Simone de Beauvoir. Yes, this was where they hang out to discuss and argue about art, projects, and ideas. How awesome is that! And here we were having tuna salad and grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. After dinner, we asked to be re-seated outside so we could people-watch. In the meantime, while my friend had pastry and coffee, I ordered wine to make sure I ward off any other spirits that may have tagged along with us.