Brunch Meeting at Abaca Cafe & Coffeehouse B


I became very excited once I saw what was inside Abaca Cafe & Coffeehouse, otherwise known as A Cafe. I felt like a little kid looking at all the beautiful artisan breads and sinful looking pastries displayed decadently in clusters on trays on the countertops calling my name as I looked at each pretty one. With this many “calorie babe” calling me, I needed to be decisive and just choose one pastry, preferably one with less calories.

I also checked their menu and found that they serve breakfast food all day long and other more substantial choices if you are that hungry. I assure you, you will find something that you will fancy.

An assorted selection of sandwiches  using their artisan breads are made fresh daily.  If you find something you like that day, enjoy it because that sandwich may not be available tomorrow.  There is also an assortment of pastries great for breakfast as well as a perfect accompaniment to a cup of cappuccino.  Do not hesitate to request for your pastry to be warmed before serving, if that is your preference.


There are many interesting art details in the A Cafe. One of which is a wall of interest where a caricature of a couple riding their motorbikes was drawn.  It is a visual contrast of white and yellow poetry on a black board.


You can choose where to dine. First, directly in front of the counter with its high chairs or on the second floor where it is more comfortable to lounge.  It is actually a  loft  where again, various painted caricatures and paintings are displayed.  I like it up there because the chairs are more comfortable.  A third area to enjoy your coffee and pastry is “al fresco” or the outside.  Ideal area for  smokers. 10 11

We ordered two sandwiches for sharing and tasting.  One was a Chicken Pesto Sandwich and the other was a Chicken BBQ Sandwich.  Between the two, we found the Chicken Pesto Sandwich more delicious.


The Quiche was another great choice.  It looked as good as it tasted. The crust was flaky and the filling was savoury and very tasty.  It is a meal in itself but it is also great for sharing with a salad on the side.13

This is my favorite salad here in A Cafe – Old School Tuna Salad. This one is in the menu so, unlike the pastries,  you can be assured that when you come back next time, you can order this.   It is a big bowl of iceberg lettuce with french beans, tomatoes, hard boiled egg and tuna on top.  It is a huge serving perfect for at least 3 people.  We paired this salad to share with the quiche and the sandwiches.

And for dessert, each to her own.  I chose this sumptuous sticky bun with lots of cinnamon and pecan goodness on top, a perfect pair to my delicious cup of cappuccino.


A Cafe is located in Crossroads Mall, Banilad.  It is open daily from 7am-10pm.  They can be reached at their number +63 (32) 262.0969


Every time I visit A Cafe, I always find something new to love, especially the pastries.  But you can’t get attached to their displayed pastries because your “new” favorite  may not be available on your next visit.  However, the food in their menu is reliable and delicious.  No wonder I keep coming back every time I am in Cebu, and each time, I bring more friends to share the delicious food.  But then that’s just me talking.  You have to try it yourself and tell me what you think of your experience in A Cafe… you never know we might run into each other there.  And if we do, come say “Hello!”.