Brunch at Wildflour, Toby’s Estate & La Creperie


What is  “Brunch”? It is a deliciously coined word for breakfast and lunch rolled into one.  It is perfect for  people like me who doesn’t like to eat too early nor have the time to prepare breakfast and who can’t reach noontime without food either.  So brunch is a great solution!  It is also my favorite thing to do with family and friends on weekends when I want to sleep a little bit longer and when I finally wake up and finish preparing to go out, its almost lunch.

I have three favorite places in Makati to have a substantial brunch and get-together with family or just have a quick pick- me-up cappuccino with a friend.

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Wildflour’s rustic yet industrial cafe interiors. A combination of wooden furnitures, black metal and white tiling finishes.

When you enter Wildflower Cafe in Salcedo Makati, you instantly get the feeling of being in a rustic home. It’s very homey with all the delicious smells of freshly baked breads and pastries wafting in the air once you are inside.  They have an open kitchen layout where you can actually observe their bakers kneading and cutting doughs as well as baking breads.  The moment you enter the main door, what will greet you in the center by the cashier is a beautiful spread of pastries, pies and artisan breads beautifully displayed on pretty cake platters to specifically hook unexpecting and hungry customers like you and me.  You’d have to be a saint not to go there first to check out the sinfully looking pastries and oogle over them before finally and reluctantly following your server to lead you to your table.

A vast selection of sinfully looking pastries, pies and artisan breads displayed beautifully in the counter welcomes you as soon as you enter Wildflour Cafe + Bakery.
Open layout kitchen where you can actually see the bakers baking those artisan breads. It can get really crowded during breakfast, lunch and dinner so these bar stools and countertop are welcome to diners who do not mind having their drinks and meals while observing the process of baking bread.

For brunch, I ordered Eggs on Toast with ham and mushrooms, poached eggs and bearnaise sauce.  It was really very delicious and filling.  There are days that I would wake up early in the morning and just yearn for that Eggs on Toast.  And I may just do that again one of these days.

My very delicious Eggs on Toast with mushroom, ham and béarnaise sauce. I requested for my eggs to be medium soft poached and they executed it perfectly…well done on the sides but still oozy in the centre . Just perfect poached eggs for me!


(There are two ways you can enjoy Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, indoor where it is air-conditioned  or if you are a smoker and love the outdoors, that is possible too with their high chairs and tables outside.)

WildFlour Cafe + Bakery
V Corporate Center
125 L.P. Leviste St.  

Salcedo Village, Makati


Toby’s Estate


Toby’s Estate is known for its artisan, great tasting coffee.  My personal favourite here if I just want to be perked up is a double shot cappuccino and I am good to go.  But today, I am here to check out what I can order for a great brunch idea.  As soon as you enter the door, you will notice its earthy yet cool vibe interior.

This is their table for sharing. It is perfect to accommodate a big group but this table is also perfect for different individuals who doesn’t necessarily know each other.
The interiors are so cozy and so organic. Check out the wall of interest that provides texture and give new life to left over wood.

For brunch, I chose Dutch Eggs, two eggs baked in a skillet topped with bacon and hollandaise sauce with rustic garlic bread on the side.

Dutch Eggs for brunch!!! So simple yet so filling. A power meal of protein and carb enough to fuel you for a few hours perfect with any brew of your choice.

While waiting for my brunch to arrive, I couldn’t help but check out their pastry counters.  It is filled with freshly baked brownies and blondies.  You might ask what blondies are. Well let’s just say they are blonde brownies because they are still brownies but made without chocolate.

Glass display is filled with goodies like cookies, pies, brownies and blondies… perfect pairings for the delicious coffee that Toby’s make for you.

Toby’s Estate
V Corporate Center
125 LP Leviste St.
Salcedo Village, Makati


La Creperie


In the same building but at the back of V Corporate Centre in Soliman St. is La Creperie.  My favorite go-to place whenever I’m craving for crepes.  As this article is all about brunch ideas, I went in, checked the menu and immediately knew what I wanted.  A savory crepe that uses buckwheat or sarassin flour so the color of the batter is slightly darker than most dessert crepes.  I ordered the Fontina crepe which has fontina cheese, prosciutto, fresh mixed mushrooms and arugula.  Now this crepe is meant for sharing  and it sure hit the spot of what I was craving for brunch.   They also have dessert crepes that I love so much but after the Fontina, I may have to come back for it another time.

My savory Fontina crepe made of Fontina cheese, prosciutto ham, mushrooms and arugula is most delicious and perfect for sharing.

La Creperie’s interiors reminded me of a chic french cafe in the French Riviera with its seashell montage wall reminiscent of the ocean.

La Creperie
GF, V Corporate Center
Soliman St.

Salcedo Village, Makati