Gaia Cafe & Crafts: An Eclectic, Vegetarian Cafe with a View in Sagada

Ambasing, Sagada Philippines

Gaia Cafe cottage perched high up on the mountainside of Ambasing in Sagada, Mountain Province

After an exhilarating and hunger-inducing visit at the Lumiang cave, the perfect place to take a break and have some snacks and refreshments is at Gaia Cafe & Crafts located just a few minutes away from the caves.  You will know that you are at the right place when you see the ‘third eye’ symbol delicately in-laid in glass and paint on the wooden facade of the cottage like an all-seeing presence, watching over the hills, valleys and people of Sagada.

As soon as you enter this tiny cottage, you will immediately be drawn to this amazing view of the plateau filled with pine trees and rice terraces downslope.


While waiting for food and libation to arrive, I couldn’t help but explore the gift shop within the cafe.




To quench my thirst, I ordered their Lemon Grass Tea sweetened with organic honey. The Tarragon Mint Tea and Guyabano Tea sounds interesting too but perhaps on my next visit?


Miki Mi Na is a pancit dish using Sagada-made squash noodles sauteed with carrots and green beans.
The locally-made squash canton being used in Gaia’s Miki Mi Na pancit. You can find this in any sari-sari stores all over Sagada.
Tomato Basil Pasta with its home-made sauce of tomatoes with basil in olive oil.
Seitan, potatoes and carrots in adobo sauce perfect with Sagada unpolished rice just hitting the right spot.

Gaia Cafe is an eclectic type of restaurant serving vegetarian menu, promoting a natural approach to eating and food preparation and fostering a closer relationship with Mother Earth. It is such a refreshing find to have here in the mountains of Sagada. In Gaia, msg and any artificial flavors are never used. Not only do they put premium to organic, locally-sourced and mainly plant-based ingredients in its kitchen, Gaia also promotes environmentally sound practices to re-use, reduce and recycle aiming for a zero-waste restaurant through composting and food scraps making organic pigs fat and happy.

For a tiny vegetarian cafe perched precariously on the ridge of a Sagada mountain, I’m really quite impressed with the delicious and reasonably-priced food they served as well as the giant steps they are making to make our planet a cleaner and better place to live in. Definitely a “must-visit” when you are visiting Sagada.


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    1. Tasted like any other pancit canton if you ask me but adding squash in the ingredient made it a unique sagada product. Thanks for dropping by flyingoffcourse Elmer.


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