Sagada On My Plate


My day in Sagada starts early at five-thirty in the morning with me opening my room window in the second floor of Misty Lodge to breathe in the fresh, cold morning air with pine wood scent. There’s no feeling like it. I would take a few more lazy minutes to watch the mist crawl by the forest before it is carried by the wind that came with the sunrise.

Misty Lodge

This is the refreshing view of the pine wood forest behind Misty Lodge where I stayed for my Halloween weekend.

After freshening and dressing up, I go straight down to the lobby to order Sagada coffee and breakfast. The lobby is usually very busy in the morning due to other guests but my favorite place in Misty to have breakfast is at the wooden table right outside the main door. However, due to the early morning cold, not many choose this location. Perfectly fine by me because I love the cold!

Misty Lodge, my home in Sagada with great in-house restaurant serving home cooked meals and the best pizza in Sagada.
Beef Tapa served with unpolished rice and sunny-side-up egg with Sagada coffee is my idea of a perfect, hearty breakfast to start a busy day.


My favorite Hawaiian pizza in Sagada.

Misty Lodge serves the best thin-crust pizza in town. They have different flavors like Hawaiian pizza, Pepperoni , Cheese and Vegetarian Pizza. It is so delicious that guests from all over Sagada would hike the long road just to get to Misty Lodge which is located in Staunton Road, about a half hour hike outside the town center.

Misty Lodge
Staunton Rd. Sagada
Mountain Province

Yoghurt House


A landmark restaurant in Sagada, Yoghurt House is known for its yogurt and other delicious dishes.

Though Yoghurt House specializes in yogurt, I find that the yogurt in Misty Lodge is more delicious. However the dinner we had one evening eaten at the veranda overlooking the street on the second floor was really very delicious and worth going back for.

The very tasty Chicken Cashew is a boneless chicken creation with vegetables, cashew nuts and rice.
My favorite Baked Chicken with Potato Rosti and Vegetable Greens on the side.

A restaurant serving delicious and reasonably priced food, you certainly must eat here at Yoghurt House!

Yoghurt House
South Road, Sagada
Mountain Province

Log Cabin Restaurant


The first time I was able to dine here at Log Cabin was during a Christmas noche buena two Christmases ago. It served a really gorgeous buffet spread and the place was swinging with other hungry guests. I had to come two days in advance to be waitlisted to make sure we get accommodated when we had our noche buena on Christmas Eve.

The interiors of the dining area is what gives this place its name. Logs line the walls and unique objects of wood and heavy metal give the place a very rustic feel.
Roast Pork with Potato Salad and Fresh Greens; Schnitzel Pork with Potato Salad & Fresh Greens. Each dish reasonably priced under Php300.00
While you are enjoying the sumptuous food with your loved one, you are kept warm and toasty by this very handsome fireplace.
Log Cabin
Besao Rd, Sagada
Mountain Province

There are many places you visit and you worry if there are good places to eat in but Sagada is not such a place. You might be so far from the nearest urban city but there are so many quaint, interesting and delicious places to eat from. One thing though that is still missing here is a rustic cafe with delicious cakes, pies and coffee that will satisfy my sweet tooth. But maybe it’s too much to ask for now!


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    1. Hello Bernie. You will love your Sagada visit. The winter months from December to February would be best if you love the cold. Cheers from flyingoffcourse!


  1. Loved you blog! Me and my friends are planning to go there some time in February. Do you mind providing us any more information about your stay in Misty Lodge and Cafe? Contact details, room rates, etc. Thank a lo! ^_^


    1. Hi Marie, I hope this isn’t too late. You may contact Misty Lodge at 0928-332 7817. They can also be found in facebook : Misty Lodge and Cafe. Enjoy the cold weather and have an awesome time in Sagada. And thank you for making flyingoffcourse part of your travel praparations:-) Cheers!


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