YAKSKI Barbecue

There are days when I crave for a good old-fashioned chicken or pork barbecue whenever I’m in Cebu City and I know just the perfect barbecue joint to satisfy my craving. A friend of mine once brought me to Yakski and I was hooked. You approach the counter and choose among the half-cooked barbecue choices on display then it gets completely cooked in their open kitchen.



Yakski’s open kitchen where all your half-cooked barbecue orders are completely cooked before being served to you.


My favorite chicken and pork barbecue with regular sauce.

I am very loyal to my single-serving quarter-leg chicken barbecue served with a choice of regular (sweet) or spicy barbecue sauce that normally comes with your order and steaming hot rice. But even without the sauce, the chicken and pork barbecue are very tasty and well marinated. When I am really hungry, I would add a stick or two of pork barbecue that are just as delicious.



The barbecue joint has a rugged and no-nonsense ambience perfect for a casual barbecue lunch or dinner with your family, friends and colleagues. It’s open everyday except Monday (day-off) for lunch and dinner.

My wish list for this barbecue joint is that they add vegetable (pinakbet) and dessert options (fruit salad, buko pandan or leche flan) to their menu to complete the dining experience. This could only increase their sales.

The Yakski menu yearning for vegetable and dessert options.
Me, after a most satisfying lunch at Yakski Barbecue.

Yakski (Capitol Branch)
268-B Don Mariano Cui St.
Capitol Site, Cebu City


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