Bisaya Espesyal Dinner at Parklane!

After an exciting afternoon at the beach with Enye and Azure Beach Club, we rode back to the city where a Bisaya Espesyal-themed dinner was waiting for us at Cebu Parklane International Hotel. I could swear that everybody was full and content from an afternoon of food and drinks at the beach but as soon as we arrived at Kan-anan restaurant with the warmest welcome from the Parklane Team, live music and a fiesta-like ambience, we all got excited and hungry again ‘espesyal-ly’ when we saw the dinner spread they prepared for the Cebu Food Crawl 2017 Team.

The Author dining with other Cebu Food Crawl 2017 participants at Cebu Parklane International Hotel.
This beautiful dinner spread fit for special guests was waiting for us when we arrived at Kan-anan restaurant at Cebu Parklane International Hotel.
Live acoustic music will serenade you while you enjoy your dinner with friends and family in an outdoor setting at Kan-anan restaurant.
What a great way to start dinner with this Clam clear soup.
Everybody’s favorite Pork barbecue.
Seaweed salad, Fried Chicken and Bulalo soup.
My personal favorite Pork Humba from Ronda, Cebu.
Sweet & Sour Fish that was a popular favourite among the health conscious.

Above are just a few of the dishes laid out on the table in front of us ready for the taking. But there were these interesting mini store-like stands that exhibited the specialty’s of certain places that are featured because they were chosen as the winner of Sangka sa Kaha, a culinary contest held annually by the hotel where different towns participate by creating heirloom dishes and the recipe of the winner is then showcased and served in the Kan-anan restaurant for the hotel guests to enjoy.

Some of the past winning dishes are Humba from Ronda, Podrida from Oslob, Bisayang Manok sa Dumanjog, Torta sa Argao, Takyong sa Borbon ( Ginisa or sisig tree snails) and Adobaw na Nokos from Sibunga.

Chefs line the venue to assist us and talk about the food being served for dinner.
Kwek-Kwek Tempura sa Colon are quail eggs dipped in batter then fried. Normally skewered in bamboo sticks, the kwek-kwek is then dipped in your choice of sauce or vinegar before gobbling it up.


Pungko-Pungko sa Redemptorist. Literally translated, ‘pungko’ means ‘to squat’ in front of cheap fried goodies like bola-bola, longanisa, lumpia taas, lumpia mubo or ginabot and normally these are eaten with puso or hanging rice.

Tuslo-Buwa sa Pasil. Essentially this is pig brain, pork liver, garlic, shrimp, salt and pepper to taste blended to a fine mousse-like consistency. Once it simmers in a container, you dip your puso rice or hanging rice before eating it.

Tasting this dish seemed daunting at first once I learned that this was made of pig’s brain and liver but the curious cat in me won. My verdict, it taste like mildly spiced liver. And no I won’t be eating it again.

A Taho dessert which I loved so much that I had to have a second serving. Beneath the creamy taho and sago is a tablea mousse that is not too sweet, mildly bitter but complements perfectly the taho.
Filipino kakanins for dessert. Palitaw, Biko and Pichi-Pichi.
Bloggers concluding the first day of the Cebu Food Crawl 2017 at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel.

Bisaya Espesyal is made espesyal-ly for you so you can savor Cebu’s best street food every Friday and Saturday at Kan-Anan Restaurant for your ultimate Bisaya culinary experience.

Cebu Parklane International Hotel
Cor. Archbishop Reyes Ave. &
Escario St., Cebu City
6000, Philippines.

(032) 234 7000
(032) 411 7000a


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