About Flying Off-Course

Flying Off-Course  is about journeys and discoveries.  About taking inspiration in what we do and where we go, even when we’re not sure about the path we chose. It’s about embracing everything as an adventure, with courage and enthusiasm in Life.

This blog is also about my travels, locally in the Philippines as well as abroad.  I tell stories of my experiences of places, food and people.  I believe that traveling enriches and broadens us by learning about other cultures, and allows us to know ourselves better.  If I can light a spark and  inspire you with my stories, or at the least, influence you to relax and take a break from your busy schedules, then I will have fulfilled my job.

About me

I nurtured my  love of travel during my teens by hanging out at the local airport.  During my free time, I would commute to the airport’s wide grassy stretch overlooking the runway, and watch the planes land and take off to some mysterious far-away places while they transported passengers to their destinations.  I vowed that one day, I would also be one of those boarding a plane to explore these far-away places.

Currently, I’m a 40-something, almost empty-nester Manila-Cebu based traveler. I am a businesswoman who loves to cook and read forensic thrillers. After motherhood, I am ready to pursue my original love for travel, and blogging about and sharing my travel experiences. I am in the process of finding  my own voice.


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